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Support Worthy Causes!

"The first step towards change is awareness."

- Nathanial Brandon

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Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!

The Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye! campaign aims to empower women to stand strong against domestic violence. This mission is accomplished by education and awareness campaigns including interviews with inspiring women, social media campaigns, podcasts, and testimonial speeches at the annual International Women's Day Luncheon.

Men's Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

She For He, Talk To Me launched on June 16 2018 at The Men in Black Ball. The campaign encourages men to speak up and engage in conversations about their mental health. We need to eliminate the idea that "real men don't cry" and reduce stigma surrounding mental health. We achieve this mission through amplifying the voices of mental health advocates through interviews and podcasts, and raising awareness for men's mental health at the annual Men in Black Ball.

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