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Watch the latest awareness interviews in support of Momentum For Australia charitable campaigns. 

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In Support of Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye

Celebrity artist and mother of two, Joanne Colely, shares her story with Barbara on how she found the strength and resilience to create new beginnings and how she uses her passion and talent towards helping others.

Joanne is now a strong advocate for domestic violence against women and believes if her story can help change one woman's life, then her journey was worth it.

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In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Monika Page, testimonial speaker at the Kwikfit Pink Ribbon Ball 2020, talks to Barbara about her early childhood challenges and recent, unexpected breast cancer diagnosis.

This Woman of Resilience is on a mission to help others by sharing her journey of discovery, recovery and how it has changed her outlook on life and things that truly matter, an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness and early detection.

Watch The Interview Here!
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In Support of Youth Mental Health

Experience the Magic! Meet the woman behind the Magic Coat Program and Book, Di Wilcox. Discover the tools you can use to help your children to be protected against bullying and to feel safe, confident, resilient, and happy.

This revolutionary, life-changing program is paving the way to a brighter future for our children.

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In Support of Men's Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Liam Cubbage has held leadership roles in suicide prevention and postvention, family support services, drug and alcohol support and community development. 

Watch an inspiring interview from Hello Darlink! that will enlighten you about the impact that mental health is having on West Aussie tradies and the work that Liam and Mates in Construction are doing to help to change people's lives.

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In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Watch the story of the incredible young woman who walked the talk to make a difference. 

After losing her mum to breast cancer, Belinda Teh started her brave walk in 2019, to create change in legislation around Voluntary Assisted Dying. The emotionally moving and empowering story from the Momentum Visionary Woman of the Year.

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In Support Of Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!

Watch the heartbreaking, heartwarming, and most revealing interview of the iconic Alannah Hill yet!

The legendary fashion designer opens up about her sexual abuse, climb and fall from fame, and why she called her book "Butterfly On A Pin."

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Stories Behind Tattoos: Changing Stigma Towards Tattoo

Cory Wesley is a resident tattoo artist based in Margaret River, Western Australia. He has travelled across Europe, Asia and Australia before calling Margaret River his home. Barbara will be talking to Cory about his work and his journey to who he is now.

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