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The Transform Your Life Podcasts are brought to you Barbara McNaught and George Helou. 

Interview Guess List for the Reinvent You Show, to be broadcast on
Hello Darlink! TV.

- The pressure of Instagram on Body Image with Thea Chadwick - Psychologist 
- Compassion in the Practice with Dr Walter Sprenger De Rover – CONFIRMED
- Self Esteem to Living the Dream with Patricia Nicole
- Do’s and Dont's of Being an Entrepreneur with Mark Woschnak
- Dealing with an Over medicalised Society with Dr Joe Kosterich – CONFIRMED
- Avoiding Injury and Tips for Rehab with Joey O’Dell – Onyx & Rezerekt  CONFIRMED
- Avoiding Scammers when Investing with Peter Sheppeard from Triple C Consulting
- Surviving Perfect Storms with Maria Byworth – business owner, cancer survivor - CONFIRMED
- Creating a socially and community conscious business with a higher purposeJames McDonald – Giving Greens
- Gut Health with Dr Peter Dingle
- Leadership and Resilience with Lisa Michelle Scaffidi (after the committee hearing) 

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