Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!

The Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!’ awareness campaign was launched on International Women’s Day in 2013.

The campaign was created with the aim to raise awareness of, and to support the prevention of violence against women by educating victims and encouraging them to speak out and seek help. 

Knowing that they are not alone will help them to find their voice.

Support the cause by purchasing your very own Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye! T-Shirt here.

Your Kiss Counts

Your Kiss Counts was created to connect those who can help with those who need help. The initiative follows on from the ‘Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!’ awareness campaign that was launched on International Women’s Day 2013.

Momentum for Australia is the beneficiary charity of the Your Kiss Counts initiative which invites people from all over the world to pledge a kiss, message, and/or donation in support of the cause.

For more information visit Your Kiss Counts.

I Support Tall Poppies

I Support Tall Poppies was launched at the 2019 Hancock Prospecting International Women’s Day Luncheon with the mission to eliminate the Tall Poppy Syndrome in our society, and remove the stigma attached to it by encouraging people to be generous, not jealous.

The number of Tall Poppy ambassadors is growing, with names including Iris Smit – founder and CEO of The Quick Flick, Dana Vulin – published author and internationally known burn survivor,
Nez Erok – award winning singer songwriter, Bec Bucci – breast cancer and domestic violence survivor, and Katarina Popovic.

Support the campaign by using the hashtags #generousnotjealous and #supportivenotspiteful.

Pledge your support by buying the offical I Support Tall Poppies T-Shirt here.


The FIFOzero initiative was created with the mission to reduce the stigma attached to mental health and introduce a fresh and empowering approach to the FIFO lifestyle that will enhance safety, mental wellbeing, and productivity, with the aim of reducing the suicide rate in FIFO workers.

FIFOzero, founded by FIFO worker Blake Wood and Personal Development Expert George Helou who have both lost friends to suicide, believe society are overdue for a different approach to FIFO mental health.

She For He, Talk To Me

She For He, talk to me is an initiative launched in 2018 at the Men In Black Ball, that calls for all women to stand by the men in their life to help them share their feelings and encourage them to speak up.  

The mission of the campaign is to remove the stigma attached to 
‘men don’t talk, boys don’t cry.'

Men need know that opening up and talking about their feelings is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. 

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